Seeing it then / seeing it now

There were many times when it was not awesome to be living in India.

Not everyday was like a perfect travel advertisement, full of joy, colors, curry dishes, and Bollywood songs and dancing everywhere.

Somedays (maybe most) were just routine. Walking dusty roads under blazing sun, sweating from all your pores, to the point all your shirt changes color. Bumping into trash everywhere and tolerating the nasty smell, knowing it will all end up in the ocean or our mouths somewhere one day. Being stuck in crazy and noisy traffic jams, sorry, traffic jungle. Going shopping and being cheated on prices. Becoming a mosquito Terminator because they will suck you to the bone!! Showering from a bucket for tap water was a delicious yellow/orange paste. Eating ants at breakfast because they were everywhere, and at some point you couldn't just throw all the food away.

And many, many more fun stuff!

I'm not complaining, at all. I chose it. In fact I would do it all over, the same, or even worse. Sometimes I find myself now missing even the most upseting and challenging situations,that I so complained about then. The thing is, now you understand your limits are wider, and you put all you know, and all you think you know in perspective. And I think that is beautiful!

For every one thing that went wrong, there were two going right. It was kharmic. And for every day that was "rough" on a privileged "have it all/know it all" westerner, there was a "I see it's hard on you" smile from who bares much more, for they go through worse all days, all life.

And they never loose the smile.

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