In Varanasi we found a restaurant in a rooftop of a building. An old one. In fact there was nothing new there. All the sorrounding buildings were being taken down, emptied or abandoned. It looked like a kind of apocaliptic view. Hectic, dirty, out of place. Adding to that, the view to the Gaths in the Ganges, the pires, were you leave your body to save your soul. Nothing ever looked so chaotic, unreal, and at the same time felt so peaceful and quiet. Once again, India strikes you with the dualities it's so good at. Felt a bunch of new feelings while crossing the old, narrow, dark streets in that city, some of them I can't name. Can only recall the strange restlessness, in a place you're supposed to go to find peace, balance, a kind of spiritual insight, but only end up having more questions. The answers are never about the place.

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