A little rain

When people ask why I like rain so much..

If you really embrace the feeling of it touching your skin, the sounds on the ceilling, the smell of the ground, instead of worrying about getting wet, you'll find somethig different. It might even get fun!

It had an even more special feeling when it rainned there, in that little corner of India. There was this joy! The kids danced and laughed under it, not caring about soaked up shirts, as if it was the funniest and coolest thing in the world! It made me wonder where do we leave our enthusiasm when we get up in the morning? Or.. Where did we left it along the way in our lives? When did we start to be so dull and disconnected? Are we even aware we can still dance in the rain?

I can easily remember the first day I entered this slum area, where I was going to be coming back every day for the following six months. Saying I was nervous is an understatement. I was going to be teaching, that was something I had never done in my life, even less in a reality like this one. When I think about it now, I feel I was out of my body observing myself, as I was walking the dirt alleys through the clay and mud houses, everything smelling so differently, with everybody's eyes starring at me, wondering who I was. Even I was wondering who I was, and what was I doing? Everything moved in slow motion at that moment. Ever happened to you?

It was a completly new situation at every sense and every level, but it was soon going to become routine. Always think it's funny our abillity to adapt.

Have a lot o frozen moments like this one that remind me how good it is to let go and live the little things. However, not everyday was fun like this one. Not everyday was easy like this one. And it was not always pretty. Lets not idealize and sugar coat the idea of how dreamy travelling and volunteering can be. You still have to face reality, and when reality shows up in India it's like diving into concrete.

But then it rains !

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